Thinkers and Do’ers

What is a thinker ?

A thinker is someone who just thinks all this time. Never has any intention on doing most of the things they think about but loves to think. It can take a thinker hours to decide what they want to do. Depending on the situation it could take them weeks.

I never liked the idea of a thinker because it seems to me all they do is think.

What is a do’er?

A do’er is someone who just do. Lol in any situation they are ready to go. They think on their feet and ready to handle the situation now. They might have a few problems along they way because of things they didn’t think about but for the most part they get the job done.

Now a do’er is what I am and I set on go.

What r u?


Takers and Givers

Why is it that no one cares for the strong? I like to think I’m a strong person in any situation no matter the case. In some cases I do need a little incargment or some extra insight that might help me along. But no one ever thinks to give it to me. I assume its because they know I got it or they just don’t understand how to help. Either way I’m still stuck feeling helpless with a big smile on my face like it all ok. No one that say are u ok, no one that say do u need help, no one to say let me do that, and definitely no one to say thanks you did a great job. I guess when you become grown thats something you shouldn’t expect. To never get any enjoyment only to give it.

That can’t be right because if I’m given it someone’s getting it. Why can’t that be me that recives it? How do I become a taker after being a giver all my life? Is it to late?

What does he want

Have you ever known what it feels like to be alone when your in a house full of ppl? Well that’s the way I feel! Like know one cares about me until it affects them. Let’s take my husband for an example, he’s always happy with me as long as I’m doing things his way. The moment I decide to get my own opinion or disagree with him he turns on me. Ignoring me, and just being cold until he needs me to do something or go somewhere for him. He’s never apologize to me for anything that he’s done and to be honest I don’t think he even care how I feel about it. I have been the blame for all that he’s done to me. He’s the cheater so I must be cheating. He hold things that he’s done from me because he thinks it gonna hurt me. He’s a liar so I’m one too. At this point I’m not sure how he really feels about me. Not sure if he still loves me, want to be with me, or just think that I’m such a bad mother that he needs to be here to make sure his children are taken care of the way he wants. Not knowing that you are loved, or appreciated really hurts and is very confusing.

The start of my day

As I wake up at 5:30am from the sound of my alarm I think to myself here go my day. I get up and literally have to drag my 15y old out the bed for school she’s starting her 2nd year in the 9th grade and seems ok with it. If my 10m old son don’t wake up then I have some chill time b4 7:00am to take her to school. So once I get her out the way I get back in like 7:05am. I then began to wake my next 2 up to get ready for school. My 8y old 1st because she likes to go back to sleep 1st so she can feel like she got more sleep. At the touch of my hand on her hair she gives a loud scream. Which may or may not woken my 10m old. After her it’s time for my 7y old now this girl gives me a run for my money. From crying the whole time from the moment I woken her. Just cries for anything: she don’t wanna wear this, she hate that, she can’t find what she’s looking for and don’t want any help looking for it. But she sits well to get her hair done. 😀 by the time I’m done with all that its 8:30am so they have 25mins to take a small nap before school. If I’m lucky my wonderful 10m old is still sleep. 8:55am time to go out the door 8y old ready with mo issues. But my 7y old is on 1000 and just cries for any and everything. I get them out the door. I get back home like 9:15am just as my 10m old and my 2y old is waking up. I guess u can call me one of the lucky 1s because I also have their dad here for help.